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Mamie is an insightful coach who demonstrates compassion for her clients. She has a very relaxed and comfortable style, which gives her the ability to build trust alomost instantly. She is an excellent listener with great instincts, often asking the right powerful question at just the right time. Mamie is a gem of a coach and I thorouhly enjoyed working with her.

Senior level hospital administrator

I found my time with Mamie to be extremely valuable. She has a thoughtful, reflective approach, her questions provided clarifying guidance for me. She is a gifted coach.

Deputy Assistant Director Federal Agency

I highly valued my time with Mamie - she gave me space and questions for so many wonderful insights. I was surprised by how introspective the questions were; which provided me the opportunity to own my own thoughts and explore my own decision-making process. The open ended questions will stay with me: in particular the questions about "how I want to show up" in my life. I uncovered a lot about my core values. Mamie created space for me to acknowledge my fears and to ask if the fears are really "true." Mamie was patient and an extremely wonderful listener. I would recommend Mamie to others at a cross-roads in their careers to develop clarity of goals and purpose.

Director Federal Agency

My coaching sessions with Mamie were truly critical to gaining insights about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise.  I will take actions based on those insights in my professional career for years to come.

Emerging Leader Global Health

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